The way endometriosis symptoms are interpreted varies significantly between clinicians and patients1*

Select symptom:

Atrocious pain even after my periods,

even before they start.

It’s as if someone was

sticking a needle in me.

One minute it’s diarrhea,

then it’s constipation.

I constantly feel
as though I need to urinate and
I go

about 10 to 15 times a day.

It’s a disease that spoils our

everyday life. I was really tired.

It went from just they’re bad
periods to
not being able to eat,
not being able to sleep without

getting up from the pain.

This quote is from the perspective of a particular endometriosis patient and may not reflect the experience of all endometriosis patients.

*Based on a qualitative, interview-based study of 41 women with endometriosis in France.

This quote was adapted from a US patient testimonial.


1. Fauconnier A, Staraci S, Huchon C, Roman H, Panel P, Descamps P. Comparison of patient- and physician-based descriptions of symptoms of endometriosis; a qualitative study. Hum Reprod. 2013;28(10):2686-2694.

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