Endometriosis is still hard at work.

In an international multicenter survey of patients
treated in tertiary care centers, it was reported that

Seven out of ten endometriosis patients have unresolved pain throughout the month.

7 out of 10
endometriosis patients experience unresolved pain despite management1

Most women diagnosed with endometriosis experience1,2:

  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Non-menstrual pelvic pain
  • Dyspareunia

Clinical studies show that these symptoms can disrupt work and home lives and contribute to physical and emotional suffering.1,3-5

Nearly 1 out of 3 endometriosis patients have a hard time expressing just how much pain they’re still in.

Results of a survey of diagnosed endometriosis patients (n=336) revealed that

Nearly 1 out of 3
endometriosis patients have a hard time expressing just how much pain they're still in6

Unless specifically asked, your patient may not effectively communicate how endometriosis is affecting her life.7,8

Help your patients talk to you about their unresolved endometriosis pain.

Help your patients talk to you about their unresolved pain by downloading an endometriosis patient interviewing guide.

Download an Endometriosis Patient interviewing Guide Download an Endometriosis Patient interviewing Guide

Is suppressing the ovulatory cycle enough when it comes to endometriosis pain?

Is suppressing the ovulatory cycle enough?

Download an endometriosis patient interviewing guide

Download an Endometriosis Patient Interviewing Guide



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